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Outdoor sightseeing? Why not! An exhibition does not have to be closed in showcases. Open-air museums can be a worthy opponent for museums especially in spring and summer. They can be an interesting stop during a school or family trip.

The open-air museum in Sierpc is a place where time gains in new meaning. There is a possibility to go back to former customs in the footsteps of our forefathers whose rhythm of live was determined by the changing seasons. It is a completely different world, without rush, idyllic, secluded…

The visit here is a time travel to the 19th century Masovian village because there are over 80 architectural objects of folk Masovia. With a great concern, the 17th century chapel, the 18th century church, the manor houses, the inn, the smithy, the windmill but primarily the village cottages with farm buildings were recreated.  The objects are located in a natural landscape of home gardens, orchards, apiaries, fields, as well as meadows, ponds, and pastures. In the farms and on the meadows there are animals which are the complement of the idyllic picture from the past. Even work never stops like in a village from the past; the home and farm activities, field work, and shows of daily activities and traditional handicraft are being fulfilled according to former methods. In a nutshell, village from a hundred years ago…

The Sunday in the open-air museum events popularise endangered professions, folk costumes, and village activities of our ancestors. They take place on every Sunday and holiday from May to the end of September (excluding the first Sundays of a month which are reserved for theme events. On the first Sunday of May, June, July, August, and September theme Sundays referred to particular topics connected with village life and customs are organized: Cooking in a Clearing, Children’s Day, Honey Harvest,  Harvest, Potato-lifting. Many experiences will be given by a carriage ride that gives the opportunity to see the picturesque panorama of the village or a horse ride. It is also worth to visit very interesting exhibitions in the Sculpture Gallery, the Coach House and the Manor Houses.

The framework programme of the event:

  1. The sightseeing of “The Polish Year in the Traditional daily activities” exhibition presented in 10 farms from the turn of the twentieth century and in the manor houses.
  2. The sightseeing of permanent exhibition presented in the manor house, the sculpture gallery, and the coach house.
  3. The craft and folk handwork  shows in farms: smithing, plaiting, shoemaking, sculpting and paper art.
  4. The daily village activities shows: weaving, doing laundry, wool spinning, like also butter making in butter churn connected with tasting it with fresh bread.