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How to make a reservation for arrival of a group to the ethnographic museum?

Making reservation for a group is not difficult. It is enough to determine how much time the group is going to spend within the ethnographic museum area (museum exhibition sightseeing lasts from 2 to 3 hours). Then choose particular attractions from the Museum offer (a guide, activities, fire, horse rides, etc.), calculate the cost of stay for a group in the ethnographic museum on the basis of the price list and call the Museum or send notification by e-mail.  In the “Museum school” bookmark you can find information concerning classes subject matter, age and number of participants, duration and performance terms of particular classes.  

Useful information

  1. Groups notifications are accepted by the Museum office from Monday to Friday: 7.30 – 3.00
  2. Notifications should be sent at least three days in advance:
  1. Fees for particular attractions are determined by the Price List
  2. From April to October there is a possibility of exhibition sightseeing with a guide or individually
  3. A guide shows round a group of up to 25 persons
  4. At ordering classes take into account the number of participants and their terms of performance
  5. Payments of entrance fees and for other attractions can be made in the Museum ticket office directly before the entrance or by transfer at least 3 days before group arrival (please send us transfer confirmation)
  6. In order to receive VAT invoice, you must possess VAT Identification Number and full payer data

Sample programme of trip for an organised group

  •  10.00 a.m. – arrival at the ethnographic museum
  •  10.15 a.m. – butter production show
  •  11.00 a.m. – thematic lesson
  •  12.00 – farm wagon ride
  •  12.30 p.m. – exhibition sightseeing
  •  3.00 p.m. – frying sausages on fire
  •  4.00 p.m. – departure

Group reservation for classes in the town hall

If you would like to participate in classes  taking place in the town hall, make a reservation calling the town hall – tel. 24 275 28 26 from Tuesday to Friday: 8.00 – 3.30.

Group reservation in the Museum of the Small Town in Bieżuń

Making a trip to the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc, the Museum of the Small Town in Bieżuń within a distance of approx. 20 km from it, is worth seeing. Here you can see unique residential interiors and the office of a small town doctor as well as an exhibition  “Bieżuń and its inhabitants in the olden days”. You can make reservation calling the Museum directly – tel. 23 657 80 45 from Tuesday to Friday: 8.00 – 3.30