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Accommodation offer

Accommodation offer

There are 26 accommodation places in 10 guest rooms furnished in a comfortable and modern way in the offer of the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc.

We have at our disposal:

• 6 rooms for 2 persons each

• 2 rooms for 2 persons each with an additional bed: a 2-person couch

• 2 suites (including one with an additional bed: a 2-person couch and the other with
a marriage bed)

All the rooms are equipped with:

-        a bathroom with a shower

-        air-conditioning

-        a fridge

-        a telephone

-        Internet network

-        SAT TV

Breakfast (7.00-10.00) is included in accommodation price

For persons accommodated in guest rooms we offer free of charge:

-         a parking lot within the area of the ethnographic museum

-        sightseeing museum exhibition and permanent displays within the ethnographic museum open hours (without a guide)  


  • Please make reservations on the phone between 7.30 – 3.30: 24 – 275 – 28 – 83 (extension number 53) or by e-mail to: at least  24 hours before accommodation planned.
  • Prior reservation of the room and date of stay is required.
  • We do not guarantee accommodation for persons who have not made reservation.
  • In order to avoid disputes and ensure fine leisure, please read the Statute.
  • Confirmation of reservation acceptance is equal to familiarising, following and accepting terms of the Statute.