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Conference and training

If you are looking for peace and quiet necessary for creative work and concentration as well as fine leisure at the same time – you are more than welcome in the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc.
Cosy atmosphere of conference and training buildings commissioned in 2008, located far from city hustle and bustle and in the neighbourhood of picturesquely pinpointed village from the breakthrough of the 19th and 20th centuries, shall certainly delight you with its unique charm.  It is a perfect place for company conferences, trainings, business meetings or integrative trips. We have prepared four conference rooms fully air-conditioned and darkened with the most modern audio-visual equipment. Different room sizes, free setting: for
a banquet, theatre and school provides a possibility of conducting both large company conferences for over 100 people and cosy workshops or meetings.

After the training/conference we can offer the following leisure activities:

  • Picnics on a clearing and fire at the sounds of folk music
  • Harnessed horses farm wagon rides, in winter – sleigh rides
  • Butter traditional production shows and tastings of rural bread
  • Craft, folk handicraft and everyday rural activities shows
  • Exhibitions sightseeing within the ethnographic museum area

If you have any questions or you are interested in our conference offer, please contact us in order to discuss details.

Aleksandra Tomaszewska
tel., 24 275 58 20 extension number 53

Museum office
Tel. 24 275 28 83


Room A
Area – 93 m2 (lobby – 24 m2)
Number of people– 50
Equipment – projector, screen, room darkening, DVD set,  sound system, Internet connection
On request: coffee service

Room G
Area – 128 m2 (lobby 50 m2)
Number of people– 50
Equipment – projector, screen, sound system, wireless microphone, video set – DVD, air-conditioning
On request: coffee service

VIP Room
Area – 25m2
Number of people– 12
Equipment – air-conditioning, TV, video set – DVD, room darkening, Internet connection
On request: coffee service

Spatial, air-conditioned conference room possesses full multimedia equipment, sound system and Internet connection.  Food and beverage facility and consumption room adjacent to the conference room provide a possibility to arrange training/conference and business banquet, integrative meeting or ceremonial repast at the same time. Elegant conference room interior enables creation of diverse arrangements adjusted to the needs and tastes of guests. Next to the conference room, there is a lobby (140 m2) and reception with the function of Business Centre.

  • Area – 325 m2
  • Number of people:

•    Theatrical arrangement– 250
•    Sitting banquet  – 160
•    Standing banquet – 250

  • Equipment – air-conditioning, projector, screen, microphones, sound system, Internet connection, wireless Internet access, rostrum, room darkening,  stage.
  • On request: coffee service


Piwnica Kasztelańska (Castellan’s Cellar)
Located in close neighbourhood of the Conference Room. It allows to separate the lecture room from the consumption room without disarrangement of a training/conference. Piwnica Kasztelańska (Castellan’s Cellar) is distinguished by stylish furnishings and departure from luxury. Arches, slants and lamps provide climate for this place.

  • Area – 233 m2