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A vast area of the open-air museum is an original and perfect place to organise company picnics and integration events. A clearing surrounded by Sierpienica river ensures cosiness favourable for an integration of employees and great fun. It has a technical base allowing of organising both a small integration meeting and a big company open-air event. The secluded location of the clearing and secure premises of the open-air museum prevent from unfamiliar people showing up at an event. An integration party or a company picnic at the open-air museum make an inimitable opportunity to commune with Masovian tradition and folklore.

What do we have at our disposal?

The clearing facilities are: a shelter for 300 people, tables, benches, roofed fire pit, an outbuilding, a stage for dance, a playground for children, and modern sanitary facilities. In case of bigger number of participants we hire tents and sunshade umbrellas. What is more, we have at our disposal a professional sound system and audiovisual equipment that enable having fun to the music (CD, mp3).

What attractions do we offer?

  • Sightseeing of the open-air museum – over 80 facilities of small and big architecture constituting a showcase of folk architecture from the end of the 17th century to the 1950s.
  • A horse-drawn cart ride, from which you can admire a picturesque panorama of an old village, a manor park, or facilities that comprise the museum exhibition complex.
  • Interesting village craft presentations conducted by folk artists (blacksmithing, basket making, paper art) as well as old village everyday activities: making butter in a butter churn and tasting it with farmhouse bread, or flax scutching.
  • Music setting by a village folk band.
  • For people with a sense of humour – contests and games with prizes (e.g. pulling the rope, rolling pin throw, tying ties, dance contests, knowledge contest about a company, and many more).
  • Bonfire preparing and service.
  • Saddle horse rides for an event’s participants.


The catering service of an event is provided by a picnic’s organiser. There is a possibility to order catering in the Museum from an agent of POHULANKA inn (regional products and on order) or by an external company hired by the picnic’s organiser.


The picnic’s organiser decides about a type of music setting. Depending on the character of the event we offer a setting performed by a folk band hired by the Museum or mechanical music. However, there is a possibility to hire any performer by the picnic’s organiser.


The vast area of the clearing (about 1 hectare) enables setting of additional equipment, devices, or stalls hired by the picnic’s organiser (e.g. inflatable slides, trampolines, carousels, etc).


The technical service of an event is provided by the Museum. The technical service includes: preparing the area of the clearing, setting up picnic equipment (tables, benches, tents, sunshade umbrellas, etc.), cleaning the shelter, sanitary facilities, and the clearing area during and after the end of an event, rubbish collection.


The cost is calculated individually depending on the number of participants, duration time, and an event’s programme.


The detailed information is given by the Museum’s office

from Monday to Friday, 7.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.

tel./fax: 24 275 28 83, 24 275 58 20, extension 200