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Christmas in Masovia region


Traditionally presented in 10 cottages’ interiors from the turn of the 20th century and in the manor interiors the “Christmas in Masovia region” exhibition enjoys the immense interest of visitors.

In the past, similarly as today, preparations for Christmas concentrated on preparing dishes for Christmas Eve. Therefore, the essential element in the cottages’ interiors are ingredients necessary to bake Christmas cakes: dried plums, nuts, or apples. In the rooms you can notice Christmas trees decorated with straw and paper decorations, nuts, apples, or handmade gingerbreads. Before Christmas trees came to Poland, in the rooms’ corners sheaves of unflailed grain were placed and decorated with “światy” which are decorations made of a communion wafer in various shapes. This type of commemoration of the agricultural origin of Christmas is also visible in the open-air museum’s interiors. Moreover, in one of the rooms there are groups of carollers that according to the tradition used to visit farmers from neighbouring houses. It is worth mentioning, for example, a group with a star, boys with a nativity scene, the Three Kings, or so-called “Herods”. The “Christmas in Masovia region” exhibition makes the opportunity to get familiar with Christmas Eve supper from years ago. Covered with hay and white table clothes tables full of Christmas Eve dishes seem to just wait for farmers to sit at them. Therefore, we invite you to walk into the world of Christmas celebrations from before one hundred years, where freshly baked gingerbread smells nice, and winter evenings are spent on making straw twines. At the time when Christmas Eve dishes are so fancy that they are more similar to exotic than local ones, and a Christmas tree is more dressed up than decorated, the exhibition presenting traditional Christmas rites gains a special dimension. The “Christmas in Masovia region” exhibition is presented from the half of December to the end of February.