Ekspozycje stałe


Kolekcja rzeźby ze zbiorów Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej w Sierpcu

Transport dworski w zbiorach Muzeum Wsi Mazowieckiej w Sierpcu

Wnętrza dworskie z końca XIX i początku XX wieku


 Ekspozycje czasowe


Wielkanoc na Mazowszu

Boże Narodzenie na Mazowszu

Rok Polski w tradycyjnych zajęciach codziennych



The Museum of the Masovian Countryside contributes to the popularisation of old-time customs through prepared exhibitions. The permanent exhibitions are an invitation for a time travel which can take place by following various tracks.


The permanent exhibitions

The exhibitions subject matter circles around ethnographic, ethnological and historical issues. They are presented in the sculpture gallery, in the coach house, and in the manor houses.


Sculpture collection from the collections of the Museum of the Masovian Countryside in Sierpc

Manor transport in the collection of the Museum of the Masovian Countryside in Sierpc

Manor interiors from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century


Temporary exhibitions

Temporary exhibitions change in accordance with the rhythm determined by seasons and torn off pages of a calendar. They are shown in 10 interiors of cottages from the turn of the 20th century and the manors’ interiors. They depict customs connected with Christmas, draw closer Easter tradition and everyday activities of villagers.

Easter in Masovia region

Christmas in Masovia region

Polish Year in traditional everyday activities