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Franchise holder Zofia Stelmańska tel.  24 275 28 83 extension number 42 or mob. 603 063 545

„Pohulanka” Inn is such an enchanting place that it has already charmed many. When guests visit it, it is usually hard for them to leave its hospitable thresholds. Not only location and traditionally furnished interior but above all, a nice service creates the climate of this place. POHULANKA’s  specialty is a unique home-made bread (7kg in weight!), which in connection with lard and cucumber tastes delicious.

„Pohulanka” Inn offers:

  • sauerkraut stew
  • sour soup with white sausage
  • kraut sour mushroom soup
  • potato dumplings with crackling and cottage cheese
  • ravioli with sauerkraut and mushrooms, meat, sweet cottage cheese, potatoes and cottage cheese;
  • hot sausage, hot black pudding
  • dinner dishes to order

Vending Machines

Within the ethnographic museum area there are ( at the ticket office from Narutowicza Street)  also vending machines with cold and hot drinks and snacks.

In the vicinity of the Museum of the Mazovian Countryside in Sierpc there are also other restaurants and catering places:

  • “Sonata” Inn – Studzieniec/Sierpc
  • “Oasis” Inn– Całownia/Sierpc
  • “The best kebab in town” Bar– Sierpc
  • Bonna Pizzeria – Sierpc
  • Gringo Pizzeria – Sierpc
  • “Feast” Restaurant – Sierpc
  • “Music Box” Restaurant – Sierpc